Comprehensive Computer Solutions, LLC
"your friendly neighborhood computer company"

The one-stop-shop for all of your computing needs

Whether you're a casual home PC user, or a small business owner needing consulting and on-demand I.T. services in lieu of a full-time IT staff, I can help.

Comprehensive Computer Solutions is currently a one-man-shop, so you will never wonder who will be coming to your home or office - it will always be me. My name is Charles Sharp, I've been working in I.T. since 1985, and computers is what I do best.

Unlike many 'computer guys', I really enjoy helping people one-on-one. One area I specialize in is teaching people how to have a safe online life, emphasizing prevention, but also providing the knowledge and tools (many if not all free) for how to safely remove almost any/all malware from your computer in the event that you do get infected with something.

There are also free or relatively inexpensive ways to speed up - sometimes dramatically - your computer. (Hint: defragging your computer is not nearly as important as the people who sell defragging software would have you believe)

I am often told after cleaning malware and/or 'crapware' off of someone's computer, and/or upgrading the memory or hard drive, that they no longer feel the need to buy a new PC.

Another possibility is replacing the main hard drive that holds your computer's Operating System and Programs with a state of the art SSD (Solid State Drive). This will dramatically decrease your computer's 'boot time' (the time it takes your computer to be ready to use after you first turn it on), as well as your Program load times (the time it takes your programs to launch). Other benefit's are decreased power consumption (longer battery life for laptops), less heat buildup, and no risk of head crashes. SSD's aren't perfect, but they are most definitely worth considering.

So, before you spend a lot of money on a new computer, give me a call and take advantage of my free initial phone consultation - what have you got to lose?

Regardless of your level of understanding, I can help you get the most out of your PC.

If you are in need of help now and would like to schedule an appointment or just take advantage
of my free initial consultation, please email or call me and I'll endeavor to make myself
available at a time that is convenient to you:
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